Minimix Auto

Minimix Auto


Width = 53cm  /  Depth = 58cm

Height = 77cm (standard height)   /  Height = 110cm (raised height)

Load Height = 26cm (standard height)  /  Load Height = 62cm (raised height)


The Minimix Auto is a superior 5 litre shaker, efficient, quite and safe. Available in two models, the Raised Height and Standard Height. These fully automatic units feature variable shaking times and variable clamping pressures. Fully automated functionality is aimed to minimise operator time.


Simply place the can onto the platform, close and lock the door and select the required shaking time using the control panel. The clamp plate moves down and clamps the can and stops when desired clamp pressure is achieved. Shaking starts automatically and at the end of the cycle the clamp plate releases the can automatically.

For maximum safety the door cannot be opened before the operating cycle has finished and an emergency ‘stop’ button is provided, which could be used to stop all operations at any time during the cycle. The door lock keeps the door locked until all movement has stopped. The Minimix Auto stops the shaking operation immediately if the can becomes loose.

The machine control system is based on very reliable plc and relays.

Structural integrity same as Minimix standard on the market for over 40 years.